Our team is capable and dynamic. We will transform the industry: Akash Adhikari

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My Candidacy is for Change. It is about time we wake up.

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I do not want to recall my past life: Namrata

I do not want to recall my past life: Namrata

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Sanam Live In Nepal, Swoopna And Laure Will Be Performing

February 22, 2018 SANAM, a youtube based Indian band is all set to performed in Nepal this 3rd March at Jawalakhel ground from 3 p.m onwards. Band with famous cover songs like ‘’Lag Jaa Gala’’, also known as four fab four is sharing the stage with Nepal’s Cover singer Swoopna Suman and Laure in the event ‘’Sanam Live In Nepal’’.


February 21, 2018 Today is Paul Shah’s birthday.  He is known as King of music video as well. An actor from SATRU GATE is getting all the warm wishing from his fan, followers and well-wishers.

Check Out! Sanjeev’s Bitera Gayo Din

February 20, 2018 Singer Sanjeev Singh has launched his new music video in tittled Bitera Gayo Din. The song Featuring Vivek Singh Thakuri an actress Benisha Hamal  presents tragic love story which will steal your heart.

Kabiraj Got Engaged, Ring A Bell…

February 20, 2018 Nepal's popular Choreographer Kabiraj Gahatraj has got engaged with a beautiful girl Rozy Ghimire. They have ring a bell through the social network Facebook.

You will Not Believe, Foreigners Also Watched KANCHHI

February 19, 2018 Raksha Nepal and the foreigners give positive response to the KANCHHI after watching movie at Big movies, Monday. All the children’s along with teachers watched movie with the lead actress Shweta Khadka.

Shweta With 2 Female Bodyguard, Uncontrolled Traffics

February 18, 2018 Makers of KANCHHI have visited the GOPIKRISHNA and ASTANARAYAN Saturday at capital. Shweta along with team went there to collect the response from the audience.

KANCHHI Shweta Says ''Tears Of Happiness''

February 16, 2018 Film KANCHHI has been released from today, all across the Nepal. An actress Shweta Khadka and Daya Hang Rai starer movie collects best response from the Press Show in organized programme at Big Movies, Friday.



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