Our team is capable and dynamic. We will transform the industry: Akash Adhikari

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My Candidacy is for Change. It is about time we wake up.

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I do not want to recall my past life: Namrata

I do not want to recall my past life: Namrata

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Padmaavat: 13 Days Collection ?


Sanjay Leela Bhansali directorial movie Padmavat is unstoppable at the box office. Despite being in the second week, the film is successfully running at the theaters, minting money and breaking records.

Actor/Director Akash Adhikari to build another school in Nuwakot


Actor/Director Akash Adhikari, who had announced previously to build a number of schools in Nepal after the Earthquake, has initiated yet another school building project in Nuwakot.

Kalo Pothi Wins At Venice Film Festival


Nepali feature film "Kalo Pothi" (The Black Hen) Has won the Best Film Award at 72nd Venice Film Festival while the movie "Talakjung Vs Tulke" has been selected as the Nepal's official entry to 88th Academy Award's Best Foreign Language Film category. 

"Kabaddi" bags the best film National Film Award


'Kohinoor' garnered great commercial success last year, but rejected the award, citing dissatisfaction with the nominations.

Artist Wilson Bikram Rai Turned Producer


Film Artist Wilson Bikram Rai has produced a movie. 

Punishment to the Rule Breaker: Rajkumar Rai


Nepali Film Development Board Rajkumar Rai has declared that if the censor board has instructed to cut down the scenes or mute some offensive word and the director of the movie does not obey the order then the movie will be halted to be screened at various multiplexes. 


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