I do not want to recall my past life: Namrata

I do not want to recall my past life: Namrata

Tandav, a movie starred by Namrata Shrestha and directed by British filmmaker Murray Kyer, is being screened across Nepal from August 22. However, the release of her next movie Sambodhan was postponed. Actress Namrata who made debut from Mero Sano Sanasr became popular with her hit Mero Euta Sathi. In Tandva she has acted with Ashish Rana 'Lahure'. The movie is a story of gangsters. The moviegoers have already enjoyed Namrata's Miss You, Chhadke, Maun, Megha and November Rain. The budding actress of Kollywood talked to Newspage 3 in the eve of the release of Tandav. 

How do you introduce yourself?

I am a genuine artiste. I enjoy doing film with different teams on different issues. Likewise, I like to mix up in the society and the professionals. I am the girl who tries to learn a new thing every day. I am also a restaurant entrepreneur. I am very open and I do not limit myself in a particular filed. I am free so are my views. 

What have you learned from your life? 

I learn at least something new every day. I find 'today' different from 'yesterday' and 'yesterday' different from 'the day before yesterday'. If you learn to live, you will find your life really beautiful. Another thing I have learned is that if you are internally right, the external world will automatically be good. Your life is in your own hand. How do you want to live? You can mould your life accordingly. If you show positive attitude towards all and if you keep yourself happy, life will be happy. 

Who do you think has more importance in your life?

Obviously, my family. Still my life is important for me. In the beginning I worked at an FM radio. I was selected for the job after getting through three rounds of audition. I joined the film sector only after facing audition. I had to face three auditions to do Sano Sansar. I have not joined any sector just seeking favour. Therefore, I am important for myself. 

From where did you achieve this capability?

I was brought up in a positive family environment. My mom and dad always stand for me. When I joined the film sector, I was in confusion at times. Once I had to do a short film on HIV/AIDS. I hesitated first when I received the offer as I had to do the role of a sex worker in the short movie. I asked my father what I should do. He asked me," How do you want to be identified- as Namrata or the character of the movie? You should enliven each character of the movie. This is what called acting." I always follow this principle of my dad. Since then, I never hesitate to do the role of any character.

Would you share our readers the important support you receive from your family?
They provide support each time. They fully supported me all time, be it during facing audition to do the film or while opening the restaurant. My family is my critics. They are always with me.

Could you remember any 'dark' day of the past? 

I never like to recall the dark day. Now I have developed positive thinking. I am happy as I have learned to live in present. I am happy with my present life. I never give place to the things in my mind which make me unhappy. I do not think it is essential to recall my past. I only think how I could make my present better and happier. 

Who do you love the most? 

I love my family the most. I also like the kids. I play with them during the leisure period. I want my heart be always filled with love. 

How do you analyse an individual? 

I used to analyse an individual. Now I have given it up. When I realised on what basis I could analyse a man, I stopped analysing anyone. I can also err. Even a non-functioning watch could give right time for two hours a day, above all we are human beings and we can commit mistake. Therefore, I do not think it is right to anaysle one as good or bad on the basis of their acts. I do not anaylse even myself. 

How satisfied are you with your present state of affairs?

I am completely satisfied. I am getting new films to do. Media supports me.

What an actor expect more than this?
I am with my family. These things are enough to keep me content. 

 How does the business of your film affect you, especially when they flop? 

I always try to do good. I want all my films become hit. But even a good film flops due to bad timing or politics. So I remained unaffected no matter whether my films become box-office hit or flop. 

What is the happiest moment of your life?

I always remain happy. I was extremely happy during the premiere of my debut film Sano Sansar.

The saddest moment?

There are several. But I do not want to recall them. Why should I waste my time recalling the painful days.

Will you tell us something about your affairs?

Now I am single. I am not dating anyone. Maybe, I may have in future, I cannot tell anything about it. I think it is better to avoid relationship when you do not feel comfortable to maintain the relations. But it does not mean that I oppose the relationship. 

How do you take your past relationships? 

I have learned a lot from my past relationships. I am grateful to those all who had relationships with me. They have left me teaching me many things. 

Why does your love affair fail to sustain? 

Perhaps, the relations cannot last long when one cannot tackle the circumstances. Everything has its limit. We should learn to tackle it. When you cannot handle the situation, it escapes from your hand. On my part, it will be better now onwards. I have developed a new concept regarding love. How should be the man who will have relations with you in the future? 

I have already told above that I will not judge anyone. If I feel from my heart that this person fits for me, I can date him. But I do not want the man should be tall and of particular caste. I thought there should be an apparent love, support and trust in relations. But now I think they will be enough if you have it in your heart.

When are you going to marry?
I have not yet thought about my marriage. Now I want o be career-focused. In the past I used to complain about my future life. Now I have realised that one should make his/her life oneself. For example, I did not attend the film fair award but now I do not miss them.

What role have you done in Tandav?
I have done the role of a sex worker of Nepal-India border in Tandav. You need to watch the film to know the rest. I am highly excited by the movie. It is full of entertainment. I want all Nepalese love the artistes and their films.

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