Our team is capable and dynamic. We will transform the industry: Akash Adhikari

The 14th General Meeting of the Producer’s Association and the accompanying election to choose the representatives for different posts is on the horizon. The election for the 17 posts of the institution, which was established on 1989, is to be held on 30th of December. Akash Adhikari, the man who has transformed the movie making landscape in Nepal through his newer ways of filmmaking and via new technology, has taken the baton of responsibility of transforming this institution which is currently in a bit of a bad health. He and his team of young and vibrant filmmakers including Deepak Raj Giri, Chabi Raj Ojha, Karishma Manandhar, Dipendra K. Khanal, Nischal Basnet and others have announced their candidacy for the upcoming election.

In this context, Nespage3 recently had an interview with Mr. Adhikari highlighting his prospects and challenges. Here is what he had to share.


Newspage3: First of all, how is your preparation regarding the election going on?

Adhikari:  We have done and are doing all that was/is within our bounds. Our team is very much looking forward to being elected wholly and without opposition. However, since this is a democratic institution, we are prepared if it comes to voting but we sincerely hope that voting will not be necessary because an unopposed body will convey the message of unity among producers to the general public.


Newspage3: You and your team have been highlighting the importance of vote free General Meeting and an unopposed working committee for long. Why have you placed so much importance on this?

Adhikari: This is for two reasons. First, a body elected without voting and with all round support will mean that the harmony and unity among producers has indeed materialized. This is especially important in the present scenario where the industry is looking to the future and hoping to leave its stagnant past behind. If we are to achieve our dream of being a major player in the international market then the expertise and knowledge of all producers in the nation must come to the same table and without grievances with each other. The second reason is of practicality. Why spend energy and time for election if that same energy and time can be applied for the betterment of the industry as a whole?


Newspage3: Now, let us get to your election agendas? Are they different from agendas of past bodies and what new things will your team be bringing to the fray if you are elected?

Adhikari: First of all, our main plan is to make the working of the Producer’s Association transparent and scientific. We will conduct timely meetings of the association and will make sure that our activities are seen by the wide public via updates on our websites and social media. We will make sure that regular workshops and discussions are held so that we have updated plans on moving forward every time. Secondly, we will work tirelessly for the benefits of the Producers. Our agendas include systematic film screening, searching of foreign markets and co-ordination with diplomatic and cultural bodies to increase our market’s worth. We also vow to fight against censorship difficulties, piracy and also envision on fully implementing the box office system. There are issues with filming on various places of Nepal and abroad and there is acute need of an indoor studio. We envision on fulfilling all of our plans within a short time.

Newspage3: These plans sound really good but are they easy to implement given that many elected bodies in the past have failed to do so?

Adhikari: Definitely. If one is really looking to fulfill his vision then it is not difficult to achieve your dreams. Moreover, our team is solid and full of forward looking professional and all of the members of my team have vowed to fight for these causes. I do not want to comment on what the past committees have done but the committee which we have forwarded can definitely achieve the goals in the manifesto within the stipulated time.


Newspage3: You said a bit about box office implementation. What is it in fact and why have you made it such an important part of your campaign?

Adhikari:  Box office is an automated system, software, which is tied up to the ticketing counter of the cinema halls. Its server computer is located at a place unique from the producer’s and the hall owner’s location but both parties will have access to it. In its absence, Producers are having a really tough time in finding out how much their movie has really collected and are also having difficulties in getting return from the hall owners. Its implementation will remove all such problems and will be beneficial to both the hall owners and producers in the long run.


Newspage3: Piracy is a huge issue for our movie market. You have included it in the manifesto. Do you have any specific plans?

Adhikari: Yes. Piracy leads to the erosion of earning for the producers and also hampers the viewers as pirated materials are substandard in quality. We will crack down the piracy network in Nepal with the help of the police institution and will also seek help from institutions like YouTube in helping the removal of unauthorized materials from such websites. Moreover, we will persuade the government in bringing stronger antipiracy laws to deter wrongdoers.


Newspage3: Now, let us move to your team. Your team is full of young and energetic faces. How did you bring such young and successful guns of the industry together in a single team?

Adhikari: Yes, our team is young and mobile. Plus, majority of the members in my team are successful filmmakers of today. The main force behind the blending of this team is the want to improve the film sector and help everybody escape from the decade long stagnation which has been pulling us down. Our team is young and capable and we also have veterans of the industry with us in the team. We have well wishers from all age group and all walks of life. This mix of youth energy and creativity and veteran’s experience will propel us forward to our goals.


Newspage3: How is your election preparation going on?

Adhikari: There are some difficulties but the preparation is going on just fine. We have hit the right gear that we were hoping to achieve at this time of the campaign.

Newspage3: Thank you very much for your time and best of luck for the election.

Adhikari: You are welcome.




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