Much awaited "Sunrise: Sonam and her husbands" to go into production next year

Producer, Director Akash Adhikari’s dream project “Sunrise – Sonam and her husband’s” , which has been a recurring subject among media and film fraternity for a decade,  is finally being made. Adhikari, who spent most part of the last decade in the research related with the film, says he has completed all pre-production research and preparations and will soon move ahead with shooting.

The Director, who is currently busy shooting his upcoming film ‘Kanchi’, announced the film based on polyandry practice in the northern Himalayan reaches of Nepal as early as 2008. He even brought the American made Red Digital Camera to Nepal a decade ago with a desire to film the movie in the highest definition. “Because the movie required a lot of research, shooting on challenging destinations and thus high cost ranging possibly up to NRs. 100 millions, I could not go ahead with the project then”, said the Director who is also the President of the Producer’s Association of Nepal. “However, I have now done ample research and also got the backing of few national and international filmmakers who are willing to co-produce the movie with my production house – The Sky Movies. I will start shooting in 2018, as soon as I complete Kanchi”, he added.

The Director has already copyrighted his story with various bodies including the Writer Guild Association of America East, Nepal Copyright Registrar’s Office and the Film Development Board. Owing to these permissions he holds exclusive rights to making movies based upon marriage of a single bride to all brothers in a family.

“My dream is to make Nepal, its culture and the stunning beauty of the Himalayas known to the world via a social issue. It will also help create a voice against an inhuman practice”, said Adhikari.

A video made during the research of the film was released on video sharing site YouTube in 2011.






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