OMG! Watch Daya's Dance with Sweta in movie Kanchhi, You Will Be Surprised (Video)

kanchhi song release chari chatta pari

Makers of movie ‘’KANCHHI’’ have released their first song - CHARI CHATTA PARI, a dancing number featuring Dayahang Rai and Sweta Khadka.

In the song released on Thursday, Daya has demonstrated his dancing moves - a skill that the actor was said to lack. Singers Rajan Raj Siwakoti and Anju Panta have given their voice to the song - the lyrics of which has been penned by Rajan himself. The song features Basant Shrestha’s Choreography and Rajan’s  Music. Prajwal Sujal Giri and  Bhumika Shrestha are also featured in the video alongside Daya and Sweta.

The Akash Adhikari directorial is a comeback movie for Sweta after Kohinoor. She took a break from the industry after husband Shree Krishna Shrestha passed away days prior to Kohinoor's release.  The movie produced by Sweta features Purushottam Pradhan's Cinematography, Yam Thapa’s Story, Himal KC’s Action, Anupam Shah’s Animation, and Banish Shah / Bhupendra Adhikari’s Editing.

Casts include Dayahang Rai, Shweta Khadka, Ashant Sharma, Anu Shah, Kameshor Chaurasiya, Prajwal Sujal Giri, Binod Neupane, Bhumika Shrestha, Ramesh Adhikari, Jay Nanda Lama and Nir Shah among others.

‘’Im very happy to have worked in Sweta’s movie and with this team’’ said industry veteran Nir Shah.

Director Adhikari said all the audience were wishing to see Sweta in the movies again after Shree Krishna’s death. "That’s why she came with KANCHHI’’.

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